Arus Balik 2006

Children's Curiousity

Cikapundung Stall

Shuttle Bus

Snow in Bandung Part 2

Inside the Barbie House

The Old Chair

Happy Idul Fitri (Eid ul-Fitr)

Bandung Painting

Climbing Man

Sweetheart/Bawean Bakery

Fried Chicken from Cabe Rawit Cafe

Lullaby (Nina Bobo)

Galeri Kita

BSM Primajasa Airport Transportation

Bandung Freestyle Motorbike

Bandung Lautan Api Award

Highway Accident

Geology Museum

Snow in Bandung

Hair Color

Catch Fish

Street Musician

Ikan Bakar Do’i

Mini Becak

NuArt Sculpture Park

The Flower City

Nyoman Nuarta Workshop

Moon Cake Festival

Break the fast at "Sindang Reret"

Daily Photo Theme - Taxis