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Kartika Sari

Monday, September 18, 2006
Ore : 10:41
Pisang Molen: Kartika Sari
A “bis pariwisata” (specifically bus for tourism) bring its passenger to Kartika Sari on Jalan Ir. H. Juanda (dago).

Kartika Sari has its famous Pisang Molen (a kind of baked pastry filled with banana and cheese).

You can only get Kartika Sari's Molen in Bandung city because they do not open any other branch outside Bandung city. Besides on Jalan Ir H. Juanda they has another outlet on Jalan Kebun Kawung, Jalan H. Akbar (both near train station), Jalan Jakarta, Jalan Kopo and Jalan Buah Batu

Kartika Sari has also a selection of delicious pastries and baked goods such as Cheese Rolls and Cheese Sticks.

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Comments for Kartika Sari
I would love to try a molen. Cheese and banana - two of my favorites and I've never thought of putting them together. I shall have to travel to Bandung City sometime, won't I!

Annie if you go to Bandung, I will buy you Pisang Molen Kartika Sari. I promise...

I'm surfing around to find recipe for Pisang Molen.. hiks.. but, Thanks again for the pics. Being in Sydney.. I have to make all the yummy food that I miss in Bandung, "selfcook" Thanks, Ira.
  • Posted at 9:46 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

this may be out of topic, but may i ask: does Kartika Sari do delivery? I'm at melbourne at the moment and i want to send a birthday cake for a friend.. can't think of any other cake shop in bandung..

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