Amanda Brownies Kukus (Steamed Brownies)

Amanda Brownies Kukus (Steamed Brownies)
Amanda is the most favorite brownies kukus (Steamed Brownies) in Bandung, founded by PT. Pos Indonesia retired employee. Amanda is an acronym of “Anak Mantu Damai”. They start this business from scratch. Now they have big store on Jalan Rancabolang, Margahayu Raya and an outlet on Jalan Purwakarta Antapani.

Much visitor from outside Bandung doesn’t know where the store is, so people use their car sell Amanda Brownies Kukus. Usually, the car park on jalan Dago and Jalan RE Martadinata

Honestly, I don’t like this brownies because too oily and bitter.


Jazzy said...

I'm not too keen on brownies because they're too rich.

Nice post =)

jenni said...

That's too bad that they don't taste good... cuz the business start up is a great story! ;)

sans said...

now, they spread official store to Bogor , Surabaya , Yogyakarta , Malang.

They also developed so many variation of cake.

For me the taste is very good, and Amanda Brownies price is different with common brownies price before Amanda started. Its cheaper , and bigger , without many decorations. so simple. thats why, their cake become famous.